I asked for greatness & it HIT me square in the face!

I started writing notes to the universe. An email a day to notestotheuniverse@gmail.com. It is a safe email where no one sees what you write, where you get to describe your wants and desires to the universe. I started doing this about 2 weeks ago. I was in a serious rut, guys. Like dead to the world, I hate my life, why bother type attitude. Real healthy. When I get like that I go on a warpath to find inspiration from my favorite blogs, inspiring coaches and spiritual gurus. One of them being the beautiful Vienda Maria, who is a wonderful spirit guide! She notes in her blog just how to write a "note to the universe".

I began to write my deepest desires in explicit detail to this mysterious address and let it go like a wisp in the endless, intergalactic cogs of the interweb.

Things started looking a little more colorful. I began seeing the bigger picture of my life and my potential. There was a vision, and I could uphold it, no question. I started making bigger moves in that direction and without hesitation. I talked to more people. I expressed myself more boldly. And then..

I got it all back. People started contacting me about my services, meeting with me, and even paying me! Wait what? This was unheard of a couple weeks ago.. I'd have never thought I would get to the point of making money. Not that quickly.

There's no doubt in my mind that I will be working from home VERY soon. And I'm baffled, because I've been working on getting to this point for 2 years, and since I've sent notes to the universe, has it really propelled and manifested faster than any video series, training call, or the next list building challenge.

Because if you want something to happen.. you have to be ready for it. Asking for it subconsciously prepares you for what you want in your life. Because if tomorrow you woke up to your own successful, affluent business, a rad body, a house in the Hills and that stud of a husband that's been carefully illustrated in your fantasy - you wouldn't know how to deal! You wouldn't have the wisdom, the management skills, personal tools and luster for all of that. And to be honest, some things come in unexpected packages.


There is a magic that happens when you get really clear on your desires. → Tweet it!

Down to the smell, the taste, the fabric. You are tricking your brain into believing it's happening. Your mind is already familiar with this common neuro pathway of continued notes to the universe, that you find yourself being bolder where once it was terrifying. You're mind is bulldozing through blocks, years of limiting beliefs and doubts that have kept you from this miraculous destiny.

But also, something spiritual happens. You put it out there, into the universe to be observed and prepared. I believe there is an energy working - and if you state it, describe it, feel it, taste it - that energy will return and hit you square in the face like you never believed.

What are some of your experiences with manifesting? Is this something you think you'll try?

How to Choose Butterflies Over a Pit in Your Stomach



The simplest decision can change your entire outlook on a situation. It can turn a negative emotion upside down. The pit in your stomach into butterflies....really.

Once you understand that you have an unlimited amount of power in how you can feel about a situation - life only gets better. Because once you exercise this tool, you've managed to define what happenings you let affect you. YOU decide what is going to ruin your day or challenge your integrity or discover a breakthrough that sends you into an array of inspiration.

I've been trying this out, and you guys - it works! Yesterday I woke up dead to the world and came home with a skip in my step and a grocery list of all the recipes I want to try. This last weekend I found myself in a emotionally vulnerable state - knowing nothing or nobody else could change it - I took action.

I closed my eyes, and asked myself: "Shall I sit in this self-pity or I shall I make the rest of this evening a thrill?"

I chose the latter because 1) I knew why I was upset and 2) it wasn't important enough to ruin a whole evening. I'm not saying you can't express yourself, but you know when you need to express yourself and when you're just looking for pity. This was pity.

Are you ready to change your life now? Making every day, every moment work for you and not against you? Let's chat about how you can get a rad body by daily, conscious power. You got this!

I Threw Out My Scale Last Night + This is What Happened

It's been 7 months since I weighed myself {not that I'm counting} and for 2 months my scale has been sitting in my hallway in the "throw away" pile. Subconscious procrastination? Probably. I cleaned my kitchen, and took the garbage out - all of it!

I usually don't read too deep into the symbolicy of stigmas such as a weight watchers scale, but I've been throwing away so much more than this flat, plastic number game - I've been releasing some deep stuff. Perhaps the scale is symbolic of this emotional weight I've been carrying: Guilt.

Guilt of not pleasing the people I've been pleasing my whole life. Guilt of leaving my childhood faith. Guilt of not going to church. Guilt for not feeling guilty for not going to church.

It's no coincidence that this old, heavy stuff is surfacing now, when I've been asking for it. Asking the Universe, God to set my free from the limiting beliefs that block me from realizing my greatness.

Limiting beliefs:

: I have to look a certain way to help people.

: In order to mend relationships, I have to sacrifice who I am to make them comfortable.

: I am unsuccessful because I'm not working hard enough.

: It's my fault when I've been scammed or unjustly accused.

: I don't deserve pleasure.

Instead I will choose to:

: accept that I've always been told that I have to look a certain way and that I'm not required to believe it.

: do the uncomfortable thing by letting go of conditional relationships.

: be successful with all aspects of my life - including fun and rest.

: stand up for myself when I've been wronged and voice my rights.

: not blame myself for the wrong that has been done to me, and see pleasure as right NOT a reward.

Whew. I feel lighter already.

What are some limiting beliefs that have been weighing you down.. literally? If you're not sure what they are, ask. Ask for God/the Universe/your Higher Self/Mother Nature to reveal them and set you free from them so you can move on and discover a limitless person.

Share in the comments below. Do you struggle with guilt? Do you feel unworthy or unschooled to do what it is you want to do?


I love you all! I look forward to your comments!


On Trusting Myself, Disney Movies, and Daily Prayers

I discovered Gabby Bernstein. I've always known of her, but she finally struck a chord with me. I discovered her 5 steps to Manifesting Your Desires, and it was just what I needed, right when I needed it, exactly how I needed it. It's more than just chanting desires to the universe until you've landed on the pillow of your dreams - it's growth, it's diligence, it's freedom from yourself.

I'm only on #1 of of her steps, which is PRAY FOR RELEASE. Until I feel I'm ready, I'll move on to #2.

I haven't prayed for years. I've been afraid to. Because it never served me before. Prayer was always a should and not a want, so I let it go. I've always been about being with God, the Universe, the Divine and learning to accept it, all. But the folding my hands and saying "Dear Lord.." didn't feel right anymore.

But this approach was different. Praying for release - asking the universe to set you free from your limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your greatness.


This is what I need. Once I dissolve the nasty belief system that I've built in a force field around myself, the world is larger, people are sweeter, and I can do more. 

I made up a notecard cut out of each step to put around my house to remind me of the mindset and prayer.

Download it here!

sleeping beauty7172012.jpeg

I finished a binge marathon on all my favorite vintage Disney movies: Sleeping Beauty, The Black Cauldron, Snow White, Bambi & Cinderella. It's a recent controversial theme that the earlier Disney princesses had only one salvation: a man {true love}. And now there are a lot of recent princesses that find true love in their sister or their mothers.

Perhaps, the culture in the 30s-60s was in fact, to find a husband. But in most cases, it was the only way for these princesses to survive. Sleeping Beauty from sleep, Snow White & Cinderella from their evil stepmothers. Today, it may not be a man that sets us free, but a dream.

Cinderella sings:

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true

It made me think of whether I believed in my own dream. We self-sabotage too much, because our world is more diverse and harder to measure up differences. We all want different things, so it becomes harder for you to believe in your dream that is so different from your parents', friends', and governments' dreams.

In Gabby's 5 Steps, I'm learning trust. Trust in myself that I can cultivate the power to free myself from doubt, shame, & the distance I keep from my higher self.

Universe, set me free from the limiting beliefs that block me from believing in my greatness. Guide me, I will show up.

I'd love to hear from you. Tell me in the comments below:

How do you deal limiting beliefs? Are you aware of them and how they effect your life and your health? How do you pray for greatness?



5 Reasons You Need a Damn Good Green Smoothie Every Day

As some of you know very well, I’ve just recently come into possession of a Blendtec blender. I’m finally not scared of it anymore {it’s very loud}, and I’m owning it up to it’s potential.


My lifestyle right now is a difficult one for me to get in the greens that I need. I can’t eat a salad every day - that can only please me for so long.

Green smoothies are my medicine, my salvation. It’s thrilling to know that I’ve got my fruit & veggie at a default each day so that I have the energy and minerals my body needs to move.

5 reasons you need a damn good green smoothie every day

  1. You sleep better & bounce back faster. The minerals in greens are FAR more potent than those found in milk or protein shakes. It’s mind-boggling! If you’re having a hard time sleeping - you need minerals to replenish your muscles and bones to relax your legs and sleep better. It also helps you rejuvenate fast after a workout or a long shift.
  2. It keeps you from catching ill. A smoothie a day will keep the Nightquil away. It’s true, smoothies give you those crazy vitamins and minerals we all need to function and fight off bad bugs. It keeps your system balanced in more ways than one so you can deal with stress better - which by the way IS the #1 cause of all disease & sickness. Stress is the killer.  
  3. It heals. Green is the color of healing. Green smoothies are prescribed to those who are undergoing surgery, or need internal cleansing to heal chronic illnesses. Adding in that 1 cup of celery, cucumber, kale, chard etc.. will put you on the prevention path - which is a HUGE $$ saver. Spinach is fine, but branch out okay?
  4. It keeps you young. Because you have greens, it’s only natural that you have a lot of AMAZING fruit in there as well! Fruit is youth, antioxidants, blood purifiers and deliciousness. Greens will take care of the insides which will eventually show externally, but fruit is what gives you that glow. That’s why everyone’s glowing in the summer - all the fruit is in season!
  5. It cleans you out. There’s nothing that can clean you out better than green vegetables. They have fiber, chlorophyll, enzymes, and folate that help alkalize the stomach acids and clean out your bowels. This is good. We want this. It allows our blood to rest from all the chemicals and other free radicals spinning around - and that has to symbolize something. Blood is our life source. The quality of our blood is the quality of our life. Start with greens.

Why Diet’s Suck {And 3 Steps That Helped Me Let Them Go For Good}

Photo by Skunkboyblog

So when I say “diets”, the kind I’m referring to are the ones that promote the manipulation and limitation of specific foods for the purpose of fast weight loss and maintenance.

Diets promise A LOT and hardly ever deliver sustainable results. My experiences with dieting have always been superficial, but incredibly desperate. I wanted so badly to be thin, to look like I had my shit together and most importantly, to know that I could do it. Because there’s nothing more devastating than gaining it all back. I should know.

Dieting to lose weight is like fast food. It’s a quick fix for a very important need. It takes care of the hunger pains quickly, but doesn’t fix the problem: nourishment. Dieting is the same, it is a superficial fix for a deeper problem. And THAT is why dieting is a guaranteed failure. The promise of quick weight loss is so alluring & infectious, even I go down the road of “what if” sometimes. But then I remember all those times I felt so constricted and “not enough”.

This is what dieting does to you:

  • it turns you into an object

  • it sets high expectations for your body

  • it creates a willpower game because you don’t like dieting

  • it makes you crave crap food

  • it makes you hate healthy food

  • it makes food a game & not a fun and creative meal

  • it turns you into a psycho that no one wants to be around

  • it challenges your worth

  • it doesn’t feel good and makes you unhealthy


I could go on, but you get the point.

How then, do we move on from this tempting cycle into a more breezy, meaningful and kind manner of living. We still want to look good, feel good and be happy.

here are 3 steps I experienced before finally letting go of dieting:

1. Anger

I finally got SO fed up with the emotional roller coaster that the weight game played on me. The scale was brutal, and my self-talk only got worse. Eventually, I got to the point where I had to ask myself "why am I doing this to myself". And what I realized was that I was only doing it out of fear. Fear that if I stopped my weight would plummet. And who on earth can DIET or live in "maintenance mode" forever? Not I.

2. Reflection

I had to get over the "only for a week" phases and the calculation thoughts of "if I go on like this, by Christmas I'll weigh x amount". I had to start re-evaluating my relationship with this poison. What is the WHOLE point behind me dieting? Was is really only about my body? No actually. It had a lot more to do with feeling good. And if feeling good meant eating a muffin now and then I ate a muffin. I started to realize that there were other parts of me that wanted to be healthy: my soul, my taste buds, the spirit inside of me that wanted to be free.

3. Grief / Relief

I had to give up the superficiality of weight loss. The motivational posters & pinterest boards of beautiful, fit, skinny women that gave me the hope that kept me going through the painful times of dieting and restriction. I had to come to the realization that, I really am perfect just the way I am. And that doesn't mean that I have to settle. But rather, it prepared me for an even better outcome: A REALISTIC & achievable fantasy. It was almost a relief! That I could come as I am every day and not have to be somebody else. I spent too long chasing someone else's dream and realized what I wanted was much deeper and more my style.

No more pretending to love the forced actions I took to become something I wasn’t. Now, I shape my goals and my actions around how I want to feel. Because isn’t that the whole point of the human existence? To feel good. Not only when you get there, but the whole process, that should feel AMAZING! Find your destination every day. Otherwise you only live in a fantasy of tomorrow. What you have is now, right here.

If this is ringing true to you right now, if you’re heart is leaping for more of what it means to live today, in perpetual freedom - not just when you’re skinny, then let’s chat and find out how you can discover the same freedoms for yourself. You deserve it.

Finding beauty in my feelings

I'm chilling out on the grass after a jog around the lake. I'm like a little girl in my favorite spot letting the firm grass poke me around my neck and ears. My skin is red with blood pumping fast under it, and I feel like a California girl that spends every day veiled with sun.

my favorite spot by the lake.

my favorite spot by the lake.

The album on repeat creates a feeling in my soul I didn't know I had - this is why I like music. Pretty When You Cry by Lana Del Rey. It's really quite empowering. As depressing as it may sound - to me, it evokes a feeling to me that we all have a living sadness we feel - that - you don't have to be afraid of or sink in to.

Every emotion is meant to be felt and honestly expressed. You owe that to yourself. → tweet it

There is a beauty in sadness, a beauty that brings us deeper into life so that we might feel joy equally deeper.

Swaying, shady branches dance on the grass. I breathe with everyone else in our moment together. The human activity around me is soothing and makes me feel that I'm a part of something really big. I stretch my ligaments as I lay alone in the company of the water.

Do you ever feel like you're watching yourself doing what you're doing? I always feel more alive that way.


How to Get Along with Yourself in 4 Steps

How to Get Along with Yourself in 4 Steps

I’m really good at pretending to be okay. I say this, because I caught myself red-handed. It was devastating for me because I know in my mind that I am truly doing the best that I can, and yet these thoughts creep up about how I should be doing this and this and this - while at the same time convincing myself that I am enough, and trying to be easy on myself. I’m pretending to be okay.

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