3 Steps to GOLD: A Creative Manifesting Guide

I'm beaming with excitement, naturally. It's a natural reaction to the some amazing things happening on my end. In my tarot reading for the new moon, I got this card that told me I would get a message. Now, I'm thinking, oh golly another one of those little things that don't ever happen. But I decided to embrace it and show up for this opportunity if it - no, when it came.

The next day {yeah!}, I merely messaged a fellow coach who had beautiful quotes that she posted on her fb page. I wanted to use them and make sure that I was citing them correctly. So I messaged her real fast with a friendly request to use her words.

One emoticon lead to another + we scheduled a time to chat about starting up a branding agency!




I tell you all of this, because it's a dream of mine to collaborate with other deep, spirited women in a business where I can be creative and make green stuff. It's not even a company yet, but it is going to be in a very short while. I'm out of my pants elated about this!

So, I'm not like a genie or one of those people that were adorned with blessings at birth. Things didn't just fall from the sky. No, I had to get to this point. It's a practice. But it's worth while, if you ask me.

3 Steps to gold:Creatively Manifest What You Want:

1. Understand your desires. Not just the "I want chocolate" kind of desires. The I want to life in a city and create or have the financial freedom to travel. Or work isn't a part of my life because I make money by playing kinda thing. Get clear on what's going to light that fire under your bum each morning. When I did this it got real, real fast.

2. Be grateful. I really used to hate this word. All these blogs telling me to be grateful, come on! But really define what you literally could NOT be without and worship it. Honor it and keep it close. Your husband, your beautiful children, your Mother's undying support, the sunlight each morning. This will change you + make you that much lovelier.

3. Ask. Yep. Just ask for what you want. Paint a super clear picture of where you want to live, how you want to feel, what you look like, how much money you're making and the sexy new thing he did last night. I'll tell you what happens when you do this:  your brain kinda doesn't know the difference. There are neuro pathways that are being met that weren't before + so your perspective on what is possible for you shifts into greener grasses.

BONUS STEP >> Practice. Keep doing steps 1-3 as often as you feel bored with yourself. It will make the waiting go by faster, and the meantime fun! Be prepared to change, and be prepared for shit to happen. That's why you're here isn't it?



How I Transformed My Depression Into More Sex + Money

Last summer was probably the lowest time of my life. I've been depressed before, but what made this time so incredibly empty was that I was consciously aware of all of it.

In the past, I would just see my depression as something that was happening to me. But I've since learned that depression is a product of something else. And it usually can be helped.

You have to hit rock bottom before you reach sky high.. Was what I was telling myself every day of this long, hot summer. But how much is too much for someone who is screaming tears in her pillow, blue faced with rage because she doesn't know how to stop crying.

I read somewhere that depression is linked to guilt. Oh my god, guilt! I feel like the poster child of guilt. I am the perfect pawn in the game of guilt. I grew up in a strong doctrine of shoulds paired with a soul that was eager to please, numbingly sorry and ready to do what made everyone feel good + cozy.

 I was guilt.

I had began moving away from what I should be which made everyone else uncomfortable. This was creating for me a guilty conscience and a bottomless pit of depression. I was actually moving forward, believe it or not, stepping outside of what was so comfortable for me and my old beliefs and entering into new territory that would eventually bring me bliss. 

Going outside didn't help, going for walks didn't help, I even had a wonderful coach that couldn't pull me out.

It could have been a combination of the terrible job I had, my ever growing waistline or the fact that I'd worked so fucking hard on my business to no avail.

But I patiently waited as I crawled ever so slowly out of the pit and took back my life.. here's how:

Last Summer.

Last Summer.

When I read Vienda Maria's blog post about writing Notes to The Universe, I thought to myself, "What do I got to loose?"

I wrote about 8 notes to the universe over a course of a month.

2 days after my last note, I was let go from my job.

Within the month I had 2 new design clients.

And let's just say I started doing more yoga.

It all didn't happen over night, but over the winter shit. just. happened. And I will never forget how powerful it was to get crystal clear on what it is I wanted and then ask for it.

After that Fall I had made new girlfriends that are passionate and driven in their life and their health, I cleaned house of all the stuff that was dusty and not working for me anymore, I began working to align my chakras giving me a HOLY SH*T sex life and the buzzing confidence to ask for more. 

I redefined my situation. I pulled myself out of that damn pit because I believed that there is more for me. I woke up to my own majesty. I tuned in to what was working and moved forward with the things that brought me pleasure. When I did this, it only magnified.

I am set free. I am limitless. And every time I say it, it gets more and more real. I want to take this fire in my belly and set other women free. I want to help you claim back your infinite creativity that is your womanly right. If I can go from screaming, blue-faced in a pillow to experiencing more sex + more money - so can you darling! It's all about being ready to make it change. It's about preparing yourself for the possibility for your desires to become real. It's about getting rid of old junk that we still cling to. It's about deciding that you deserve it. 

I'm offering free one-hour session with you because I'm so freakin' passionate about helping women experiencing the freedom and love I feel in my life right now. I'm going to be discovering with you what GIANTS are holding you back from

  • feeling amazing in your body
  • having a job that feels like play
  • getting turned-on as soon as you wake up in the morning
  • having the confidence + the direction to go for what it is you want
  • did I mention having more sex?

I want so badly to help you realize your potential as a feminine burst of energy that has a creative outlet - your life. Your Madly In Love Life. It's limitless.

Schedule your free call » 

"the world will be set free by women who are free" - nisha moodley

I can't wait to hear from you + help you begin your journey towards a life you're MAD in love with!


Love Day is About YOU, Here's Why

Valentine's day is this Saturday and I feel very lucky to have met a wonderful man. I'm freakin' head over heals for him. But more importantly - I am literally lovestruck for someone else..


I'm finding a new reason, a new layer or a new angle of myself that I adore. In fact, when I do this, it's like a party. I celebrate myself and give myself more praise + pleasure for being it's sweet self. But enough about me..

I'm not going to talk about couples or relationships. But I just HAD to tell you this!

There's something supernatural that happens when we give up all expectation and perfection and truly embrace the imperfect, flawed, fucked up human that we are. Only then will all the other stuff fall by the wayside: the guilt, shame, abuse, hate, judgement, mold - everything that sucks will go. Mmmmmm, doesn't that feel better? 

A few things happen when we do this:

1) You can see. Everything for what it is. Not what it should be or shouldn't be. You stop judging others because you realize everyone's as screwed up as you + you can see past all of that and into a beautiful human being. You can see through the bullshit - the mechanisms that people use to cover up what they don't want you to see. It's like a 6th sense.. no wait, seeing is one of the 5. Well, we can use it to it's full capacity. Life is much easier when you are able to see clearly - the facts are in front of you. You become more understanding and make better decisions. 

2) You can breathe. The air isn't thick with guilt + judgement. It's fresh and light. In fact, you have way more energy because you can experience new things. There is all this room for more love, more experiences, more people. All the old voices in your head are no longer weighing you down. Now there are possibilities and opportunities to try out because no one is telling you not to. It's limitless, the things, the people and places you can go.

3) You can hear. When someone graciously compliments you - you take it. You realize that you are beautiful, you are amazing and you are talented. It's not gibberish. You can understand what they're saying and you understand why. Every time someone gives you a hug you take it in fully, because you need human touch. When the words, "I love you" slip out of your lover's lips, you know they mean it + they have good cause. 

Your capacity to love someone is only as strong as your capacity to love yourself.   Tweet it -->

So give your loved one, your mom, your cat the V-day gift of loving yourself and reap the limitless rewards for yourself.

Happy Valentine's Day!


How to Deal with Negative People {+ believe me they aren't going anywhere}

I recently got a massive opportunity to make some killer bucks by helping a good friend of mine launch Alexis Neely's Money Map™ course alongside Marie Forleo's B-school. It was going to be a huge pay-out + I was ready for it. I had been welcoming a financial turn into my life and working hard to prepare myself for it. When I got the email, it was an immediate YES and I can't wait to see the results.

Like every big name, company, celebrity - internet entity - there's gonna be slammers. Trolls. People who can't handle the magnitude of a successful animal.

I had the opportunity to handle my own this week. It really had nothing to do with B-school. And it had nothing to do with me. It was about being right and making that known.

I'm an incredibly sensitive person. Almost to a fault. I internalize and victimize - but I've worked hard to work on this. Well it was tested this week and with the help of my rock that is my husband  - I try to look at things for what they are, not by how much it hurt my feelings.

So my first reaction to confrontation is: pit in the stomach. What did I do? My appetite is gone. I can't focus. I'm consumed by discord. I have to resurface and use my instinct and the lessons I've learned to hash out what is really going on under the surface. And then go to the people I trust with my life to help me talk it out.

Photo Credit: Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon

I deleted the comment.

I unfriended the source.

I have moved mountains {Everest size} to eliminate toxic relationships and negativity in every aspect of my life. You can ask me, I've cradled my true feelings about all things in my life + listened to their needs. I believe if something brings you pain, uneasiness, fatigue etc. on a regular basis - that is your body telling you "we don't like this, please get rid of it". I dealt with my feelings: guilt, shame, pleasing others, my past, and have discovered a freedom like never before. All because I dealt with those negative feelings.

But alas! there is more where that came from. I don't regret deleting or unfriending this person one bit. I never talk to this person. They don't know who I am as a being, and I don't know her.

It wasn't the end of it. It got really ugly. But it ended nonetheless.

Ick. It just makes you feel icky and it is an unavoidable feeling. When negative people don't know reconciliation - it can spear your heart. Because you have this loose end that throbs at you and you know there is nothing else you can say to make it better. I don't feel bad about doing what I did. I stood my ground and didn't lose who I was in all of it. I was respectful and straight forward. And when your patience is abused by someone who elevates to cattiness and insult - it's going to feel icky. I don't respect this person's behavior enough to read into it - I have far too much respect for myself to give that up so quickly. I do, however, have to let it go. If reconciliation is off the table, than I have to let it go, move on + not let it fester in me.

Sometimes when we send out love into the world around us, the rule is you'll get it back right? That's what we hope for. And that's what we will get. But, what I have learned is this:

In order for us to be ready for he big push - the BIG stuff to happen and manifest, we need to know that we're up for it.

This experience has shown me that I really do believe in myself whole-heartedly. If I didn't I would have shriveled up. And so with more love, comes more opportunity to stand up to those who challenge our success.

Some people just can't handle you + that is a pretty great compliment --> Tweet it

Confrontation is destructive and hostile. It isn't required. If you have issues, discuss it. Discussion is healing. It is imperative to learn different opinions + perspectives, it's part of growing and moving forward. But it's important to do it from a place of love - anyone can smell if it stems from judgement or love. Ask yourself this:

Are you demanding change or are you allowing the change that you want flow from your spirit?

Outright opposition is negative ground. And I've come miles to create a positive, love-based community in my life. So I'm telling all of you nellies out there: I don't tolerate negative nuances on my posts + I believe you will do alright with out me [drop the mic]

Love to all of you. xo


Bringing Home Baby

No matter what background, biological makeup, personality quirks, contagious laugh & warm cuddles - a baby brings so much to a family. I know this because I witness it in my own family.

My Sister Devyn and her husband Ryan set out to adopt a baby. Both co-pastor at Community Covenant Church in Springfield, VA. They met in seminary in Chicago and married January of 2010. 

After a period of trying for their own without intended success, they ventured toward giving a home to another. The emotional debt and financial project that comes with becoming parents of an adopted child, is a unique struggle and overwhelming blessing all in one breath. They were given the gift of Rosemary Louise Marie Johnson born on December 5th 2013. They took their new baby home two days later in time for the Christmas season. 


The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.

Rosie is 2 years old now, she has a fiery presence. She absolutely LOVES to laugh, connect with others and has a physical urge to express herself in every way. She's hard to find without a giant smile on her face. Devyn and Ryan are in love with her and this last September they've announced that Rosie will be a big Sister. 

They are enrolling to adopt their second child!

Chambers-Johnson Family Photo Cropped.jpg

There is nothing that can explain the unpredictability of adopting a child. They could have a baby in 2 weeks or 2 years. The financial mountain can be frustrating, but Devyn has worked creatively to find fundraising tactics to reach their adoption goal. Yard sales, Children's book sales, Trade fair coffee sales etc.

If you'd like to help my Sister and her husband raise money for their next child, it's so easy!  And YOU get something out of it as well :


"Just love coffee sells delicious fair trade coffee. For every bag you buy they will donate $5 directly towards our adoption expenses. Buy a couple bags to save on shipping and give some away as gifts! They also have a program where you can schedule to have your coffee come automatically each month."  Order Now »

It's a powerful exchange of love that happens between a parent and their child. 

Follow Devyn, Ryan + Rosie on her blog, Bringing Home Baby to hear announcements and progress on their adoption journey. 

If you are familiar with the adoption story, please comment below and share with us your unique story of love.



Jayme, Devyn & I

Jayme, Devyn & I

Sisters are like built-in friends. They know you in and out and they've seen you evolve throughout your life. There's an advantage to that. 

They just know you.

And the comfort level is unattainable otherwise. There is an engraved love that comes from sharing experiences, features, and blood that is unshakeable. We're women. The social network of the human race, Sisters hold a delicate love for one another, their different experiences, and for each other's children. 

We speak freely of our upbringing, steadfast + flawed - we bring it all. We hold the next generation of our line in the palm of our hand. Like a clean sheet tossed + laid on a newly made bed, we add the next layer of edited love + personal grace to our babes.

One of us learns from the other. We share in cycles, trials, devastations + triumphs - all in one breath. Things we would otherwise not share, are being pressed and held by our Sisters.

It's a sacred bond that doesn't diminish. It grows with each job, each marriage, each baby.

We change together.

Age together.

Parent together.

Love together.


Your Authentic Self = Getting More Out of Life

I'm noticing a few clouds lifting in my life. Subjects that were hard to breach flow with safe accuracy. I'm becoming more comfortable with myself. After my foundation, deeply rooted since childhood - everything I knew to be true collapsed in my heart, I've been picking up the new pieces of myself I didn't know were there.

I'm getting to know myself and rebuilding a new foundation that works for me.

I'm accessing the person that I am meant to be more and more every day. She's becoming clearer to me. The people centered around my childhood - my family - are easier to be with because I'm more grounded with the idea that I don't do anything that doesn't feel right.

This is not self-centered. It is quite the opposite.

We can save so much stress, heartache, regret, failed relationships, boring jobs, discomfort, poor health etc. by being in tune with our self and our desires. We're healthier, happier + funner people to be around. And we can inspire others the chance of acheiving this also.
What better gift can we give than to be ourselves fully. We each are valuable + capable of doing so much good in this world. Having the free energy and the positive flow in your life, we can accomplish more and feel whole.

I'm excited about a new guide that I'm writing for you called: THE EPIC CREATIVE MANIFESTING GUIDE : activate your creative energy + manifest more. The purpose of this guide is to find this authentic self of yours tucked away behind limiting beliefs and external expectations that are not serving you anymore.

Like the foundation of my childhood didn't serve me, I had to undo those threads that were keeping me hidden. When I did that, I was able to discover a peace I'd never felt before. Now I'm able to make decisions based on what feels good to me and whether or not this is in line with my desires. I'm more focused, passionate, and head over heals with where my life is going. I'm can be flexible with my ever-changing ideas and it never gets old!

I can't wait to share this guide with you so you can begin to experience the same beauty. If you want to get a hold of the Epic Creative Manifesting Guide when it comes out, sign up here to receive more ideas on how you can access the Epic Creative burning inside that wants to design a life surrounded by beauty and curate a future aligned with your desires.

That's all for today! Love to you on this beautiful Monday.


Make Your Closet Fit You

I’ve buried my closet so far into the corner of my room that it’s use is even questionable. The moment I enter my room it’s old song sings it’s muffled lament of better days, colorful summer’s and the not-so-pretty downpour of hate-talk and squeezing my hips into my Christmas tweed dress.

We hang on to past times - “better” times. The ones that make us want to go back to that person, that body or those turquoise shorts. The summer I lost all that weight, yeah, let’s remember when I finally fit into those shorts. Not the winter when I gained it all back and found them to be too small again.

These clothes hold a story, one we’ve attached way too much emotion for the fabric to hold. We gave our seams, zippers and hems the ultimate project to decide if we’re in or out. Our closet is a mixed bag of past shit we are not prepared to deal with on a regular basis.

I, for one, have resorted to a massive pile of clothes on my chair to serve as my closet this past year. I would rather scavenge for a clean shirt through there than give this shirt, my shirt the privilege of a hanger. Meanwhile all the old, faded clothes that don’t fit anymore are taking up space. 

I’m digging in today. I mean really digging. I’m taking some time to write this to get all my thoughts around my clothes in a decipherable state. I’m going to take some time meditating about what keeps me coming back year after year to reclaim my closet full of clothes that only remind me of a different time. 

I was talking to a friend today & she made a good point about the past: The past has already happened and I don’t want to go back there, she said. I’m more thrilled with what the future holds and where I’m going to go. But we need a balance of both. 

I realized something about myself. I spend a lot - and I mean A LOT of time thinking about the past. How I’ve grown, how I felt at certain times of my life, what I looked like, how I did things or spent my time. But my future? I kinda just hand that to the dogs to do with as they like, and I’ll cope with it as best I can. How I feel this moment can change on a dime. And that is intriguing to think about. If I spend my moment thinking about better times, I lost my moment to the past. If I spend my moment thinking about the future, at least it gives me a dream and a call to action to do something. Because we can control the future. We control it every day of our lives. I think it’s important to recognize the past for what it is and use it to learn things about ourselves so we can be better people. But our moment is our instant. 

We visit, or are supposed to visit, our closet every day. That is our moment to feel good about where we are now. The past doesn’t have to take up hangers and we can leave some space for the future to take hold. But every day there is an array of colors, shapes and textures we can choose to be. Your moment is yours to be who ever you want to be.


Are You a Modern Bohemian?

I’ve been running the words creative, artist, writer, expression, texture, color, fluidity around in my head for a few weeks. It’s become more and more apparent to me that my lesson in this life is to learn to communicate. Share. Express. Articulate my emotions, my desires, my soul. It’s beginning to come full circle, and I'm excited to finally express my message around this.

These words that are so centered around creativity, encapsulate and freeze our human existence in time. Literally. Here is a refresher on what creative really means.



        1.  relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

"change unleashes people's creative energy"

This word is thrown around a lot. And what most people don’t realize is that creativity is an original act. I think that is beautiful. Because that means it has to come from the soul, and only your soul. Bohemian is another word for artist, inventor, creative.

Bohemian is the cultural necessity for creative works, ideas, and life.

What makes a modern bohemian today?


When we think of art, change usually comes to mind. Artists for centuries have used their canvas, stage, their body as a way to communicate the change they want in the world. Controversial, beautiful, + ahead-of-it’s-time. This concept isn’t exclusive to painters, musicians, or ballerinas. But rather, each human being is given a unique perspective, a different past and personality that makes their message so important. 

How can you incorporate a creative energy in your daily life? 

What is going to be your message to the world? What magic dust are you going to surround yourself with that you can be truly proud of? There really is something magical about making something from your heart and putting it out there. Even if it’s just on paper or into thin air - it’s art. It’s provocative. It’s you.

So what are you going to do with all your excess creative energy? Keeping it locked up inside can create serious problems down the line. Finding an outlet and energy flow can change your life, and change you for the better. What are obscure ways to be creative in your life? Please share below!

that time i told pain to take a hike


I've been breathing in a hue of smokey air from this morning's revelations. A sleepless night woke me in a state of worry, panic, self-judgement and tiresome muted weeping. It was a first in a long time crying out to my Guide, God, Anyone that would help me through a lost, sickening hour of despair.

But the words "I forgive" confronted me out of the darkness. A phrase incredulously overused in my childhood as a minister's child. Forgiveness is what we all must do, for God the Father has forgiven us for crucifying him on the cross and sinning against him. A phrase, mind, I've had no intention of thinking about ever again if I could help it.

An idea popped into my head that if I want to move forward with myself, live with myself, discover myself without pain, I need to let go of it. I needed a gesture, a spiritual release of stowed up energy in my throat and lungs. A panting breath of panic needed reprieve and solace. I would wake up in the morning after Milo leaves for school and write down the pain I've been inflicted upon by my family, my friends, even a 6th grade teacher. Those moments in your life that you don't forget, a breakfast gone insufferably wrong, being screamed in the face in the hall, having a disfiguring throb in your stomach whenever I had to see this person. These are moments that haunt me. That come to me in my breath of failure and vulnerability. My victim-inducing mechanisms sink me down further and further.

I will burn these. I will forgive these people for what they have done to me and watch their actions go up in flames, in a forgotten aura of smoke and energy, because I am not that person anymore. I no longer sit there while being guilted into making my lifestyle comfortable for others, I no longer stand there in paralysis while being wrongly accused, nor do I go see a person that has crippled my self respect in numerous ways.

I forgive you. I don't forget because it's part of my story. But I move on. I have more to me than wrenching pain in my chest at giving myself up for others. I am no longer governed by suffocating fits of expectation. I am more than a wall of fiery contempt to be bullied.
I am incredibly nurturing. I am learning to be patient. I am tirelessly loyal to those who are valuable to me. I create reasons to get excited and hopeful. I love, fully. I breathe to learn. Learn more about myself and others. The quirks of my soul and the love in my heart are what define my person. I will be a subject of my expression and essence, not of my pain and suffering.