Bringing Home Baby

No matter what background, biological makeup, personality quirks, contagious laugh & warm cuddles - a baby brings so much to a family. I know this because I witness it in my own family.

My Sister Devyn and her husband Ryan set out to adopt a baby. Both co-pastor at Community Covenant Church in Springfield, VA. They met in seminary in Chicago and married January of 2010. 

After a period of trying for their own without intended success, they ventured toward giving a home to another. The emotional debt and financial project that comes with becoming parents of an adopted child, is a unique struggle and overwhelming blessing all in one breath. They were given the gift of Rosemary Louise Marie Johnson born on December 5th 2013. They took their new baby home two days later in time for the Christmas season. 


The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.

Rosie is 2 years old now, she has a fiery presence. She absolutely LOVES to laugh, connect with others and has a physical urge to express herself in every way. She's hard to find without a giant smile on her face. Devyn and Ryan are in love with her and this last September they've announced that Rosie will be a big Sister. 

They are enrolling to adopt their second child!

Chambers-Johnson Family Photo Cropped.jpg

There is nothing that can explain the unpredictability of adopting a child. They could have a baby in 2 weeks or 2 years. The financial mountain can be frustrating, but Devyn has worked creatively to find fundraising tactics to reach their adoption goal. Yard sales, Children's book sales, Trade fair coffee sales etc.

If you'd like to help my Sister and her husband raise money for their next child, it's so easy!  And YOU get something out of it as well :


"Just love coffee sells delicious fair trade coffee. For every bag you buy they will donate $5 directly towards our adoption expenses. Buy a couple bags to save on shipping and give some away as gifts! They also have a program where you can schedule to have your coffee come automatically each month."  Order Now »

It's a powerful exchange of love that happens between a parent and their child. 

Follow Devyn, Ryan + Rosie on her blog, Bringing Home Baby to hear announcements and progress on their adoption journey. 

If you are familiar with the adoption story, please comment below and share with us your unique story of love.


Jayme, Devyn & I

Jayme, Devyn & I

Sisters are like built-in friends. They know you in and out and they've seen you evolve throughout your life. There's an advantage to that. 

They just know you.

And the comfort level is unattainable otherwise. There is an engraved love that comes from sharing experiences, features, and blood that is unshakeable. We're women. The social network of the human race, Sisters hold a delicate love for one another, their different experiences, and for each other's children. 

We speak freely of our upbringing, steadfast + flawed - we bring it all. We hold the next generation of our line in the palm of our hand. Like a clean sheet tossed + laid on a newly made bed, we add the next layer of edited love + personal grace to our babes.

One of us learns from the other. We share in cycles, trials, devastations + triumphs - all in one breath. Things we would otherwise not share, are being pressed and held by our Sisters.

It's a sacred bond that doesn't diminish. It grows with each job, each marriage, each baby.

We change together.

Age together.

Parent together.

Love together.

Your Authentic Self = Getting More Out of Life

I'm noticing a few clouds lifting in my life. Subjects that were hard to breach flow with safe accuracy. I'm becoming more comfortable with myself. After my foundation, deeply rooted since childhood - everything I knew to be true collapsed in my heart, I've been picking up the new pieces of myself I didn't know were there.

I'm getting to know myself and rebuilding a new foundation that works for me.

I'm accessing the person that I am meant to be more and more every day. She's becoming clearer to me. The people centered around my childhood - my family - are easier to be with because I'm more grounded with the idea that I don't do anything that doesn't feel right.

This is not self-centered. It is quite the opposite.

We can save so much stress, heartache, regret, failed relationships, boring jobs, discomfort, poor health etc. by being in tune with our self and our desires. We're healthier, happier + funner people to be around. And we can inspire others the chance of acheiving this also.
What better gift can we give than to be ourselves fully. We each are valuable + capable of doing so much good in this world. Having the free energy and the positive flow in your life, we can accomplish more and feel whole.

I'm excited about a new guide that I'm writing for you called: THE EPIC CREATIVE MANIFESTING GUIDE : activate your creative energy + manifest more. The purpose of this guide is to find this authentic self of yours tucked away behind limiting beliefs and external expectations that are not serving you anymore.

Like the foundation of my childhood didn't serve me, I had to undo those threads that were keeping me hidden. When I did that, I was able to discover a peace I'd never felt before. Now I'm able to make decisions based on what feels good to me and whether or not this is in line with my desires. I'm more focused, passionate, and head over heals with where my life is going. I'm can be flexible with my ever-changing ideas and it never gets old!

I can't wait to share this guide with you so you can begin to experience the same beauty. If you want to get a hold of the Epic Creative Manifesting Guide when it comes out, sign up here to receive more ideas on how you can access the Epic Creative burning inside that wants to design a life surrounded by beauty and curate a future aligned with your desires.

That's all for today! Love to you on this beautiful Monday.



Make Your Closet Fit You

I’ve buried my closet so far into the corner of my room that it’s use is even questionable. The moment I enter my room it’s old song sings it’s muffled lament of better days, colorful summer’s and the not-so-pretty downpour of hate-talk and squeezing my hips into my Christmas tweed dress.

We hang on to past times - “better” times. The ones that make us want to go back to that person, that body or those turquoise shorts. The summer I lost all that weight, yeah, let’s remember when I finally fit into those shorts. Not the winter when I gained it all back and found them to be too small again.

These clothes hold a story, one we’ve attached way too much emotion for the fabric to hold. We gave our seams, zippers and hems the ultimate project to decide if we’re in or out. Our closet is a mixed bag of past shit we are not prepared to deal with on a regular basis.

I, for one, have resorted to a massive pile of clothes on my chair to serve as my closet this past year. I would rather scavenge for a clean shirt through there than give this shirt, my shirt the privilege of a hanger. Meanwhile all the old, faded clothes that don’t fit anymore are taking up space. 

I’m digging in today. I mean really digging. I’m taking some time to write this to get all my thoughts around my clothes in a decipherable state. I’m going to take some time meditating about what keeps me coming back year after year to reclaim my closet full of clothes that only remind me of a different time. 

I was talking to a friend today & she made a good point about the past: The past has already happened and I don’t want to go back there, she said. I’m more thrilled with what the future holds and where I’m going to go. But we need a balance of both. 

I realized something about myself. I spend a lot - and I mean A LOT of time thinking about the past. How I’ve grown, how I felt at certain times of my life, what I looked like, how I did things or spent my time. But my future? I kinda just hand that to the dogs to do with as they like, and I’ll cope with it as best I can. How I feel this moment can change on a dime. And that is intriguing to think about. If I spend my moment thinking about better times, I lost my moment to the past. If I spend my moment thinking about the future, at least it gives me a dream and a call to action to do something. Because we can control the future. We control it every day of our lives. I think it’s important to recognize the past for what it is and use it to learn things about ourselves so we can be better people. But our moment is our instant. 

We visit, or are supposed to visit, our closet every day. That is our moment to feel good about where we are now. The past doesn’t have to take up hangers and we can leave some space for the future to take hold. But every day there is an array of colors, shapes and textures we can choose to be. Your moment is yours to be who ever you want to be.

Are You a Modern Bohemian?

I’ve been running the words creative, artist, writer, expression, texture, color, fluidity around in my head for a few weeks. It’s become more and more apparent to me that my lesson in this life is to learn to communicate. Share. Express. Articulate my emotions, my desires, my soul. It’s beginning to come full circle, and I'm excited to finally express my message around this.

These words that are so centered around creativity, encapsulate and freeze our human existence in time. Literally. Here is a refresher on what creative really means.



        1.  relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

"change unleashes people's creative energy"

This word is thrown around a lot. And what most people don’t realize is that creativity is an original act. I think that is beautiful. Because that means it has to come from the soul, and only your soul. Bohemian is another word for artist, inventor, creative.

Bohemian is the cultural necessity for creative works, ideas, and life.

What makes a modern bohemian today?


When we think of art, change usually comes to mind. Artists for centuries have used their canvas, stage, their body as a way to communicate the change they want in the world. Controversial, beautiful, + ahead-of-it’s-time. This concept isn’t exclusive to painters, musicians, or ballerinas. But rather, each human being is given a unique perspective, a different past and personality that makes their message so important. 

How can you incorporate a creative energy in your daily life? 

What is going to be your message to the world? What magic dust are you going to surround yourself with that you can be truly proud of? There really is something magical about making something from your heart and putting it out there. Even if it’s just on paper or into thin air - it’s art. It’s provocative. It’s you.

So what are you going to do with all your excess creative energy? Keeping it locked up inside can create serious problems down the line. Finding an outlet and energy flow can change your life, and change you for the better. What are obscure ways to be creative in your life? Please share below!


that time i told pain to take a hike


I've been breathing in a hue of smokey air from this morning's revelations. A sleepless night woke me in a state of worry, panic, self-judgement and tiresome muted weeping. It was a first in a long time crying out to my Guide, God, Anyone that would help me through a lost, sickening hour of despair.

But the words "I forgive" confronted me out of the darkness. A phrase incredulously overused in my childhood as a minister's child. Forgiveness is what we all must do, for God the Father has forgiven us for crucifying him on the cross and sinning against him. A phrase, mind, I've had no intention of thinking about ever again if I could help it.

An idea popped into my head that if I want to move forward with myself, live with myself, discover myself without pain, I need to let go of it. I needed a gesture, a spiritual release of stowed up energy in my throat and lungs. A panting breath of panic needed reprieve and solace. I would wake up in the morning after Milo leaves for school and write down the pain I've been inflicted upon by my family, my friends, even a 6th grade teacher. Those moments in your life that you don't forget, a breakfast gone insufferably wrong, being screamed in the face in the hall, having a disfiguring throb in your stomach whenever I had to see this person. These are moments that haunt me. That come to me in my breath of failure and vulnerability. My victim-inducing mechanisms sink me down further and further.

I will burn these. I will forgive these people for what they have done to me and watch their actions go up in flames, in a forgotten aura of smoke and energy, because I am not that person anymore. I no longer sit there while being guilted into making my lifestyle comfortable for others, I no longer stand there in paralysis while being wrongly accused, nor do I go see a person that has crippled my self respect in numerous ways.

I forgive you. I don't forget because it's part of my story. But I move on. I have more to me than wrenching pain in my chest at giving myself up for others. I am no longer governed by suffocating fits of expectation. I am more than a wall of fiery contempt to be bullied.
I am incredibly nurturing. I am learning to be patient. I am tirelessly loyal to those who are valuable to me. I create reasons to get excited and hopeful. I love, fully. I breathe to learn. Learn more about myself and others. The quirks of my soul and the love in my heart are what define my person. I will be a subject of my expression and essence, not of my pain and suffering.


I asked for greatness & it HIT me square in the face

I started writing notes to the universe. An email a day to It is a safe email where no one sees what you write, where you get to describe your wants and desires to the universe. I started doing this about 2 weeks ago. I was in a serious rut, guys. Like dead to the world, I hate my life, why bother type attitude. Real healthy. When I get like that I go on a warpath to find inspiration from my favorite blogs, inspiring coaches and spiritual gurus. One of them being the beautiful Vienda Maria, who is a wonderful spirit guide! She notes in her blog just how to write a "note to the universe".

I began to write my deepest desires in explicit detail to this mysterious address and let it go like a wisp in the endless, intergalactic cogs of the interweb.

Things started looking a little more colorful. I began seeing the bigger picture of my life and my potential. There was a vision, and I could uphold it, no question. I started making bigger moves in that direction and without hesitation. I talked to more people. I expressed myself more boldly. And then..

I got it all back. People started contacting me about my services, meeting with me, and even paying me! Wait what? This was unheard of a couple weeks ago.. I'd have never thought I would get to the point of making money. Not that quickly.

There's no doubt in my mind that I will be working from home VERY soon. And I'm baffled, because I've been working on getting to this point for 2 years, and since I've sent notes to the universe, has it really propelled and manifested faster than any video series, training call, or the next list building challenge.

Because if you want something to happen.. you have to be ready for it. Asking for it subconsciously prepares you for what you want in your life. Because if tomorrow you woke up to your own successful, affluent business, a rad body, a house in the Hills and that stud of a husband that's been carefully illustrated in your fantasy - you wouldn't know how to deal! You wouldn't have the wisdom, the management skills, personal tools and luster for all of that. And to be honest, some things come in unexpected packages.


There is a magic that happens when you get really clear on your desires. → Tweet it!

Down to the smell, the taste, the fabric. You are tricking your brain into believing it's happening. Your mind is already familiar with this common neuro pathway of continued notes to the universe, that you find yourself being bolder where once it was terrifying. You're mind is bulldozing through blocks, years of limiting beliefs and doubts that have kept you from this miraculous destiny.

But also, something spiritual happens. You put it out there, into the universe to be observed and prepared. I believe there is an energy working - and if you state it, describe it, feel it, taste it - that energy will return and hit you square in the face like you never believed.

What are some of your experiences with manifesting? Is this something you think you'll try?

How to Choose Butterflies Over a Pit in Your Stomach



The simplest decision can change your entire outlook on a situation. It can turn a negative emotion upside down. The pit in your stomach into butterflies....really.

Once you understand that you have an unlimited amount of power in how you can feel about a situation - life only gets better. Because once you exercise this tool, you've managed to define what happenings you let affect you. YOU decide what is going to ruin your day or challenge your integrity or discover a breakthrough that sends you into an array of inspiration.

I've been trying this out, and you guys - it works! Yesterday I woke up dead to the world and came home with a skip in my step and a grocery list of all the recipes I want to try. This last weekend I found myself in a emotionally vulnerable state - knowing nothing or nobody else could change it - I took action.

I closed my eyes, and asked myself: "Shall I sit in this self-pity or I shall I make the rest of this evening a thrill?"

I chose the latter because 1) I knew why I was upset and 2) it wasn't important enough to ruin a whole evening. I'm not saying you can't express yourself, but you know when you need to express yourself and when you're just looking for pity. This was pity.

Are you ready to change your life now? Making every day, every moment work for you and not against you? Let's chat about how you can get a rad body by daily, conscious power. You got this!

On Trusting Myself, Disney Movies, and Daily Prayers

I discovered Gabby Bernstein. I've always known of her, but she finally struck a chord with me. I discovered her 5 steps to Manifesting Your Desires, and it was just what I needed, right when I needed it, exactly how I needed it. It's more than just chanting desires to the universe until you've landed on the pillow of your dreams - it's growth, it's diligence, it's freedom from yourself.

I'm only on #1 of of her steps, which is PRAY FOR RELEASE. Until I feel I'm ready, I'll move on to #2.

I haven't prayed for years. I've been afraid to. Because it never served me before. Prayer was always a should and not a want, so I let it go. I've always been about being with God, the Universe, the Divine and learning to accept it, all. But the folding my hands and saying "Dear Lord.." didn't feel right anymore.

But this approach was different. Praying for release - asking the universe to set you free from your limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your greatness.


This is what I need. Once I dissolve the nasty belief system that I've built in a force field around myself, the world is larger, people are sweeter, and I can do more. 

I made up a notecard cut out of each step to put around my house to remind me of the mindset and prayer.

Download it here!

sleeping beauty7172012.jpeg

I finished a binge marathon on all my favorite vintage Disney movies: Sleeping Beauty, The Black Cauldron, Snow White, Bambi & Cinderella. It's a recent controversial theme that the earlier Disney princesses had only one salvation: a man {true love}. And now there are a lot of recent princesses that find true love in their sister or their mothers.

Perhaps, the culture in the 30s-60s was in fact, to find a husband. But in most cases, it was the only way for these princesses to survive. Sleeping Beauty from sleep, Snow White & Cinderella from their evil stepmothers. Today, it may not be a man that sets us free, but a dream.

Cinderella sings:

A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you're fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true

It made me think of whether I believed in my own dream. We self-sabotage too much, because our world is more diverse and harder to measure up differences. We all want different things, so it becomes harder for you to believe in your dream that is so different from your parents', friends', and governments' dreams.

In Gabby's 5 Steps, I'm learning trust. Trust in myself that I can cultivate the power to free myself from doubt, shame, & the distance I keep from my higher self.

Universe, set me free from the limiting beliefs that block me from believing in my greatness. Guide me, I will show up.

I'd love to hear from you. Tell me in the comments below:

How do you deal limiting beliefs? Are you aware of them and how they effect your life and your health? How do you pray for greatness?



5 Reasons You Need a Damn Good Green Smoothie Every Day

As some of you know very well, I’ve just recently come into possession of a Blendtec blender. I’m finally not scared of it anymore {it’s very loud}, and I’m owning it up to it’s potential.

My lifestyle right now is a difficult one for me to get in the greens that I need. I can’t eat a salad every day - that can only please me for so long.

Green smoothies are my medicine, my salvation. It’s thrilling to know that I’ve got my fruit & veggie at a default each day so that I have the energy and minerals my body needs to move.


5 reasons you need a damn good green smoothie every day

  1. You sleep better & bounce back faster. The minerals in greens are FAR more potent than those found in milk or protein shakes. It’s mind-boggling! If you’re having a hard time sleeping - you need minerals to replenish your muscles and bones to relax your legs and sleep better. It also helps you rejuvenate fast after a workout or a long shift.
  2. It keeps you from catching ill. A smoothie a day will keep the Nightquil away. It’s true, smoothies give you those crazy vitamins and minerals we all need to function and fight off bad bugs. It keeps your system balanced in more ways than one so you can deal with stress better - which by the way IS the #1 cause of all disease & sickness. Stress is the killer.  
  3. It heals. Green is the color of healing. Green smoothies are prescribed to those who are undergoing surgery, or need internal cleansing to heal chronic illnesses. Adding in that 1 cup of celery, cucumber, kale, chard etc.. will put you on the prevention path - which is a HUGE $$ saver. Spinach is fine, but branch out okay?
  4. It keeps you young. Because you have greens, it’s only natural that you have a lot of AMAZING fruit in there as well! Fruit is youth, antioxidants, blood purifiers and deliciousness. Greens will take care of the insides which will eventually show externally, but fruit is what gives you that glow. That’s why everyone’s glowing in the summer - all the fruit is in season!
  5. It cleans you out. There’s nothing that can clean you out better than green vegetables. They have fiber, chlorophyll, enzymes, and folate that help alkalize the stomach acids and clean out your bowels. This is good. We want this. It allows our blood to rest from all the chemicals and other free radicals spinning around - and that has to symbolize something. Blood is our life source. The quality of our blood is the quality of our life. Start with greens.